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6” Courting Candle Holder


Image of 6” Courting Candle Holder

6" Courting Candle Holder.

A courting candle holder is a historical device used in the past to measure the length of time a suitor could visit a young woman at her home. It consisted of a metal or wooden candle holder with a spike that held a long, spiral-shaped candle. The idea behind the courting candle holder was that the length of the candle would determine the duration of the visit - as the candle burned, the suitor's time with the young woman would come to an end. It was a way for families to control and limit the amount of time their daughters spent with potential suitors, ensuring propriety and proper chaperoning. Today, courting candle holders are often seen as curious relics of the past, symbolizing a bygone era of courtship and traditional values.

Candle not included